Don't Say

Did you forget the way you felt in my bed?
The way it felt when I said that you’re all I have
Did you forget to pack your heart when you left?
When we’re apart I’m a mess, but you’re all I have

(Source: spoopyspicelatte)

If you think you are in some way better then anyone else because you do not have mental illness you are a terrible person.
Here is my rant.
Every single person on this planet has demons. Whether or not your demons make themselves known to the outside world is not always in your control. Mental illness is a flaw in chemistry not character. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not any less perfect because the negative things you think at night before you fall asleep take the form of monsters with claws and teeth. You are just as beautiful and worthy as the next person. The struggle you are facing will not last forever. Ignore the ignorant fucks and assholes who act like heirs and heiresses because they were blessed with bodies that balance chemicals better then yours. News flash; it’s not a learned skill. Some of us will recover faster then others. Relapse is not failure, it means you are on your way to healing. You are loved. You are so valuable and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If they don’t understand and they don’t want to take the time to listen; they don’t deserve you. Never give up.

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